Worth Keeping

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Worth Keeping

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is about the idiosyncratic class of things Katja considers to be on the frontier of important and interesting. Empirically, it tends to be about human behavior, social institutions and rules, anthropic reasoning, personal experimentation and improvement, philanthropy, and the prospect of machines becoming as interesting as humans.

Katja is responsible for omissions as well as actions, and aspires to save the world at some point.

Advice Worth Keeping

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! RSS - Posts. RSS - Comments. Skip to content. Home About Random Anthropic principles Opinions. Worth keeping Posted on December 6, 4 Comments. This entry was posted in 1. Bookmark the permalink. Which leads to… 4 There may not be a better alternative, even in a situation where everyone is well-suited.

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Shortly after, I decided I needed to get this book for my own kids. It kept going. As I skimmed all of the variations, each one seemed like a good idea: Mom would love this!

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Sigh… And then I suddenly had a problem… how could I possibly narrow my purchases down? And much to my delight, they sent me several copies, which I have been slowly working my way through! Recently, I gave my mom the Letters to My Mom book. I had only filled out a couple of the letters, and reserved some spots for my brother, husband, and sister-in-law to share their letters, too.

They are so thoughtful and meaningful!!

I know that it will continue to bring her joy as we add to her collection of letters. So I particularly appreciated the various prompts that helped me sift through my memories and sentiments in search of the ones that would be thoughtful, meaningful, and worth sharing.

And you know what, I need to get one for my own parents and my mother-in-law, to share their stories with our kids! With thoughtful prompts like, Here is a special story about our family … and It may surprise you to learn that when I was young… and One positive change in the world I have witnessed is… the book invites grandparents to share their stories, personality, and wisdom with their grandchildren.

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I have also lost the chance completely to ask two of my grandparents any of these questions, and will have to depend on my mom and aunts and uncles to share their stories. I would give anything to know what they would have written in these pages! There is so much I like about these books.

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I like that they record memories. I like that they collect many important memories in one place, and I like that it looks cute and compact, too. This book of letters would no doubt be one of them! Whether a gift from a younger me, or gifted from a child, spouse, parent, or grandparent, this book, completed, would be worth more than its weight in gold.

After all, I grew up to become a parent myself, who now has increasingly deep admiration and appreciation for them—enough to write a book of love letters.

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