Two years to normal: a journey with cancer

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Learn about managing treatment side effects. Call us toll-free at Or write us. We will reply by email or phone if you leave us your details. If we are not able to reach you by phone, we will leave a voicemail message. Read more.

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When Your Spouse Has Cancer

Email address:. Phone Number:. She was alone with no support as the callous woman relayed her cancer diagnosis to her.

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So now I use that in my everyday life with almost everything. It has also helped her outside her cancer diagnosis.

“I’m glad I decided to show up for my life—because it’s really good now.”

As a full-time student at Pierce College, she has earned a 4. Following her cancer diagnosis, another negative experience translated into a blessing for her. She utlimately decided to do integrative medicine with chemo, but was unsure if her health insurance would pay for that treatment. Later that day, her insurance provider approved her for treatment at the Salish Cancer Center in Fife, which offers integrative medicine.

The center taught Shannon to completely shift her diet to anti-inflammatory, anti-angiogenic foods. She incorporated fish oil, vitamin C, ashwagandha for adrenal support and other supplements into her diet to help replenish her system during and after chemotherapy. The Salish Cancer Center also offers acupuncture that has helped to alleviate her brain fogginess and queasiness, as well as Native American spiritual healing to strengthen her mind and spirit.

During her first appointment with her spiritual healer that coincided with her first week of chemo treatment, the Navajo healer asked Shannon what she wanted out of the healing process. He prayed for her in Navajo tongue and sang a song to channel Mother and Father.

She also uses cannabis to help ease her symptoms. Her most apparent symptom is her hair loss, however, she was blessed with a free wig from The Dr. Richard C.

Dina's Diary - Journey Of A Cancer Survivor

The cancer center offers complimentary new wigs and wig fittings for cancer patients in their wig boutique, complimentary hats and head scarves for cancer patients, a complimentary skin care and makeup class for women who are about to undergo, currently undergoing, or have recently undergone cancer treatment, and many other free resources. Shannon, who has been journaling her entire process that she hopes to also one day blog about, has a follow-up doctor appointment in mid-October to find out if the chemo was successful.

He said Mother and Father wanted him to tell Shannon that the dragonfly was her spirit animal. She showed him the dragonfly on a ring attached to the back of her cell phone. The healer told her that the dragonfly represents Shannon and her journey. I felt really uplifted and really light.

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