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When building your case, make sure to present how taking this opportunity. If you need a break in order to avoid burnout, explain how the extended absence will revitalize you to work even harder when you come back. Plan your leave to minimize the impact on coworkers and clients.

Try to head off any possible objections but be flexible to other options. Framing the opportunity well can go a long way. How can you find out if others in your company have done this before? Does the purpose of the break need to be work-related? What would make your case more appealing to your manager?

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What the Experts Say In most companies, if you want to ask for extended time off, it needs to be done delicately. Know your value and the risks Before you make the request, make sure you understand the value you bring to the organization. At the same time, if you are indispensable, they might be hesitant to let you step away.

Reflect on any long-term goals the company may have for you and how they would be affected — positively or negatively — by this time off.

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Are you hoping to acquire particular skills? Do you need to get away to avoid burning out? What made it work? Will your boss be concerned that it sets a bad precedent? Your review.

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Will shake-up at London embassy leave Assange out in the cold? Assange, 47, the founder of WikiLeaks , has been living in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since while wanted for questioning over sexual assault allegations in Sweden.

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