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The SHAPE comes with the possibility to integrate the dispenser in the machine without taking up any additional space, in addition to providing a much more beautiful and clean visual look.

Soft ice cream machines need to have their parts dismounted and sanitized at the end of the production period. In addition, these parts need to be stored in a dry and safe place and can only be reassembled in the machine just before starting production, to prevent the formation of mold and other hygienic drawbacks. In conventional machines this storage is done outside the equipment, usually in separate cabinets, in most cases without the requirements of hygiene. The glass door also allows the placement of a sticker with the logo of your company or desired art, making the equipment much more attractive for your business.

In conventional machines is necessary to use a bucket or recipient on the front to wash the mixing tanks and the ice cream beating cylinders.

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In addition, the water from the tanks can only exit passing through the cylinders. In SHAPE line the tanks can be washed separately from the cylinders and the water drainage is done directly at the back of the machine, with direct connection to the waste water network of your shop. Likewise, the ice cream beater cylinders can be cleaned separately from the tanks where the mixture is prepared and water also flows to the back of the machine in direct connection to the waste water network of your shop.

Possible drops of ice cream or any excess in the extraction process can be automatically washed with a spray of water placed in ice cream outlet, with drainage also to the rear of the equipment. This is the end of the concept that the machine needs to be hidden from the end user so that it does not appear, since its appearance is ugly, awkward or unhygienic.

It can be equipped with a motorized system to raise or lower the entire machine, allowing easy access to feed the tanks or to be adjusted to the best working height for the operator. Its structure is based on innovative aeronautical technology with the casing made of high strength composite material,stainless steel surrounding it and other components in only one noise proof package without any amendments.

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With bold lines, its ergonomics allows full operator comfort making it easier to clean and maintain. Just like Formula 1 cars, its resistance is superior to steel and it is very light. The customer also has the opportunity to select the color of his machine.

What shape of ice cube stays frozen the longest?

It is the first soft serve machine in the world with this kind of integral construction. Its panel is also made of tempered glass and customizable, with "soft touch" buttons, as in most modern mobile phones. It is the only machine that can be completely washed with a water jet. Everything on this machine is smooth, clean and impressive looking. This is not just a "machine", it is a source of high quality ice cream, clear and fine in its appearance.

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Hence, the huge amount of outlets of this kind of ice cream, in addition to McDonald's, Burger King and others. There is no other type of commercial activity with such a high profit margin because the soft ice cream has no storage cost and its composition contains large percentage of air, especially if the machine is equipped with air injection pump.

There is no waste or melted ice cream like that of ice cream stored inside freezers, since the machine only produces what is consumed, and the production is instantaneous, made directly in front of customers. Before being produced the cooled mixture is kept in the machine and can be used throughout the day. Being beaten and frozen "on the spot", the ice cream has unrivaled softness never done by ice cream that is stored in freezers. Hence, the name "SOFT ice cream", or creamy ice cream.

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You do not need to be knowledgeable of the ice cream business and how to make it as the mixture can be found premixed on the market and the equipment operation is very simple, unlike machines for the production of industrial ice cream, which require skilled people for its operation and technical knowledge about formulations. The mixture of ice cream can also be prepared very easily and requires no special equipment, just an ordinary blender or Finamac MIXER 15 more robust.

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  6. The ingredients can be easily found on the market. The electrical installation can be single phase, which greatly facilitates the placement of equipment in different places, or three phase. Because it is compact and has wheels it makes it easier to move and transport, as this type of equipment can be used in several places. In addition to the famous ice cream cones this machine also produces sundaes, small cups, milk shakes and other types of ice cream including ice slush! No equipment from anywhere in the world has the technological advances that this equipment has.

    First equipment in the world to use frequency inverter drives in the ice cream beater engine which saves energy and wearing down of parts. First equipment in the world to work with a compressor relief start valve, which enables large number of starts and the use of single-phase compressors. First equipment in the world to use a multi-part ice cream beater, which facilitates cleaning and sanitizing of equipment ease when replacing of worn parts. Dice cubed ice is symmetrical and melts slowly, making it a favorite for high-volume bars and restaurants that specialize in serving top-shelf spirits.

    Half dice ice is one of our most popular ice shapes. This unique, thin shaped cube is perfect for bars looking for maximum cooling and capacity. Geophysical Research Letters. Global Biogeochemical Cycles.

    Why might floe shape matter?

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