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You are not number 4 in the list but number 1 with the other three. May 27, Gordon Clason rated it really liked it. Series introduction The protagonist has amnesia so no back story is needed. But there are too many pages describing her angst, fear, trepidation. I get it. The protagonist is growing from a scaredy cat into a heroine. But a little of that goes a long way. It's still a very entertaining book and a potentially great series introduction. May 27, Iori rated it liked it.


Quick read and nice debut Not the usual from the author, however this was a quick read, too much so. The heroine is an amnesiac, and the moment she get attacked everything become dynamic and slowly her abilities are revealed; I suspect we didn't see them all. I would recommend this book as a starter for the urban fantasy genre to a new reader.

May 26, Kate rated it it was amazing. Well done and fun! Nifty comeback and abilities for the mc, enjoyed this urban fantasy especially the mc! The supporting characters were nicely varied. Looking forward to the next in this series! Jun 08, Soima Traian rated it it was amazing.

Nice A bit slow in the first half but picks up the pace towards the end. All in all not a bad beginning of a series, I just hope that the next book won't be so slow. May 24, Daniel rated it really liked it. Classic DL. If you have enjoyed his previous books you will like Awakened. Andrew Dykstra rated it it was amazing May 26, James Summers rated it it was amazing May 25, Rich rated it really liked it May 27, Richard rated it really liked it Jul 06, Olusunmade Ejiwunmi rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Betty Elder rated it really liked it Oct 20, Ernesto rated it liked it Sep 25, Dawn Dean rated it really liked it May 26, Tom rated it it was amazing Jul 20, Gordon Morrison rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Carl rated it liked it Jun 15, Robert Eyhorn rated it really liked it Sep 12, After receiving documents from Gusuma, Postman departed.

Following the Leviantan Civil War and the downfall of PN, Postman spied on Nemesis one night while she sat under arrest for her crimes, only to depart soon after Nemesis spotted her. Arte got along with Postman, giving her her physical body and causing her to regain her will.

Awakened (The Lilith Chronicles, #1) by D.L. Harrison

Taking on the role of "Waiter", Lilith hid this fact from Ma. When Gammon submitted a "motion" to review the script regarding his vision for the Director Doll's utopia, the Waiter attended the faux hearing but largely ignored the prophecy. When Nemesis went to Evil's Theater to confront Ma, Postman was summoned into the room with the two and watched as Ma explained Postman's history. During their confrontation, as Ma began to strangle Nemesis, Postman grabbed the Venom Sword and stabbed Ma in the back, leaving her vulnerable to Nemesis shooting and killing her. Following Lilith's death, Riliane returned to her spiritual form and regained all her memories of her previous lives.

Before becoming Postman, Lilith originally had the personality of an average girl. As a result of Ma's procedures, however, Lilith as Postman had no will and no visible emotions, being comparable to a doll. After regaining her will as Waiter, Lilith acted selfish and whimsical, similar to her previous life as Riliane. She similarly disliked her servant work at the Theater, [12] acting as if she had the "leading part" among the inhabitants. Being the daughter of Hanma, who himself became a mage, Lilith had a degree of magical potential; [1] this was not, however, enough to make her a suitable vessel for Levia.

She was typically able to carry out these deliveries without being caught even in areas of high suspicion. As Waiter, Lilith was competent at serving customers as part of her duties.

Lilith Baldured

She also had an apparent skill in persuasion, convincing the Master of the Court, who was intent on condemning Gammon to death, to spare Gammon Octo and allow him to work at the Theater. Hanma Baldured : Lilith's father. After becoming Postman, Lilith demonstrated no relationship with her father, familial or otherwise.

Ma : Postman's master. He chooses to show us what He will for the present, and the day will dawn when we will be shown everything and it will all make sense. God does this in His own time, not our version of time. The Babylonians did not believe in or believed God so why would any person think their accounts of the beginning would even be close to the truth? If you want the truth, d not go to supposed biblical scholars, archaeologists or those inferior writers at BAS. Jews I know are avowedly secular and now practicing, cultural. Same with Christians in a way.

Lilith Baldured

Hence the preceding comments about Lilith kin of shock me with their sound of having a literal faith. Which to me would be just totally crazy. The Jewish manuscripts tell of God, making man to his type and women to her type, on the 6th day!

He told them to go and replenish the world. That was on the 8th day. Pure mythology. God created all the races on the 6th day. Now the bible states the man was expelled from Eden, not the woman.

See a Problem?

Adam then took a second wife, most likely the same place Cain and Noah got their unnamed wives. When the Greeks broke up the constellations, Leo was as it is today and Virgo Eve head is part of the tail. At this point, the rabbis who were also astrologers, decided to update the story, but the only way they could do this was outside of the text, so they created a midrash where Adam had a tail and Eve came from it.

Her giving birth to Solomon at the Southern Crown concludes the cosmic myth as one big circle starting and ending with the goddess. The bible is layered to hide the fact these are Bronze Age stories and not Iron Age texts. It is just a matter of working the text backwards. Not to hard to do, even for a layman. I agree, Gen. Similar to the way a newspaper article unfolds, the first paragraph is a highly simplified summary and subsequent paragraphs provide additional details. There is no need to postulate a narrative of God creating two women for Adam, except perhaps for the contemporary writer to have something sensational to write in order to get published; or, to somehow make a twisted case to justify polygamy.

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