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Ive trouble with the sleepin' My shadows weight impossible to bear I hear my Sister weepin' And callin to me from that other where The names o' them I loved Are carved into my skin The greatest crew a fightr ever had They call us gypsy bastards And say it like its sin That all our wars are merry And all our songs are sad. Tell em I went out dancin' tell em I went to war Tell em whatever you want to all the same Its said a man dies first when hes parted wi' his soul And second when folk forget to speak his name.

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Here lie the bones o' my wayward love Have mercy on 'em God above Here lie the bones o' my wayward love Have mercy on 'em God above As she would you if she were you And you were my wayward love. I kissed her on the cusp o' spring I gave to her my siller ring I kissed her on the cusp o' spring Gave to her my siller ring And she thought it such a wondrous thing too.. She stole away from me for hours And doused the fire with autumn showers She stole away from me for hours Doused the fire with autumn showers Bitter is the wine that sours.

Tell me Father whats the craic Is Jesus really coming back And if he does d'ye think he'll live here in the 'burbs? If all them stars above are saints in some acord And Les Darcy is among em, then i'll make peace with the Lord I were spat on, I were beat I were tossed into the street Where I lay cackling in the filthy bloody rain I went from bar to bar. Callin dogs jus what they were Until the next one tried to slap me round the brains A bottle of cheap whisky was the key.

Dont talk about him, he's dead to me He's dead to me, he's dead to me Dont talk about him, he's dead to me An' sure it is nae wonder Dont talk about him, he's dead to me He's dead to me, he's dead to me Dont talk about him, he's dead to me An' buried six feet under. When he fell to his knee she thought He mustve spied a penny at his feet And the water in his eye was just the rain Over the Glasgow city street She rifles through her coat To find a cigarette, A' to give her shakin hands something to do 'For Chrissakes Jimmy, How longs it take to tie yer shoe?


Kathleen, wont you take this ring? Its not the worst thats ever happened Or the cheapest piece o' shit youve evr seen O Kathleen, while me hairs all me own And I still have a song left to sing. Ive had enough o sleepin rough I want a warm safe place of all me own We can stack a pile o bricks out in the sticks And build ourselves a home And down all the years youll pretend not to notice Ive been swappin all yer whisky for tea When I go singin in the chapel Youll go sittin three rows from me.

With that fire in yer belly You can help me keep the wolves from the door We can go to bed hungry So the children dont know that we're poor We'll teach em love tackles hate And be they sinner or a saint We can hold em up as heroes all the same May they be strangers to the devil And a choir o angels sing their name. Youll find me at home. I know you exist, for years i have said so Though my arms couldnt hold you, my heart couldnt let go Are you somewhere out there tonight still singin to me?

Ive been tempted to skip to the edge of the story Uncover whatever this lifes keepin for me But i know in my heart that I'd yearn all the years in between Oh are you somewhere out there tonight still singin to me? Lids a rattlin' belchin steam Life aint nothin but a fevered dream 'Youre a lowly villain' 'Youre a terrible liar' 'But were both here cookin on the same old fire' Guts a bubblin belchin steam Life aint nothin but a fevered dream 'Youre a chanty pot' 'And youre a shite for brains' 'But were both here hangin on the same old chains'.

Lids a rattlin' belchin steam Life aint nothin but a fevered dream 'Youre a lowly villain' 'Youre a terrible liar' 'But were both here cookin on the same old fire' Guts a bubblin belchin steam Life aint nothin but a fevered dream 'Youre an old piss bucket' 'Youre a dented can' 'But we're neither as black as that roasting pan.. Home rule! A song of hope to lift my spirits if you please, Or a tale of old rebellion if you dare, I hope I live to see the day I laugh at days like these, And walk the walk of one without a care.

Abandoned to the wild? In all these broken windows, through the tattoos and the scars, He'll catch his own reflection across a thousand other bars, Until he rides again o'er the border, if it takes him all his days, To where the sun rises through the pollution, miles away.


I'd sing for you a song if i could carry a tune, Or even put two words together for a start, But I'm all at odds y'see, half the bloke I used to be, A tin man without his famous heart. I once sported language that could strip the walls o' paint And draw colour to the cheeks o' toughened crooks, I'd argue with the scholars 'til their words caught in their collars And they scurried home to burn their precious books.

I'd bend a ball around defenders, outrun the money lenders, And played pool like I were fightin bloody war, And if they fancied me at darts a trail o' broken hearts Coulda led to me through any boozer door,. One hand would carry tiles, lay concrete pipe for miles, While the other one was back fillin the trench, I could dead-lift a barrel, flog the arse aff 'Bump er Farrell' All before this evil stole away my strength. I'm like a ship without an anchor, no tenderness nor rancour, doomed never to see heaven nor a hell, A ragged empty coat blowin' round these mortal streets until I find a way to lift this spell.

No Love, no hate, no substance, no weight, A jilted lover in an arsehole of a state!.. And I'll curse the day a thousand shades o' blue, When I swapped my Scottish Lion for a boxing kangaroo, And I'll have one for the Mary, for Rollin' Annie too, And one for the leaky tub that brought me here to you. I'm lyin' in bed, I'm in room twenty-six Thinkin' on things that I've done Like drinkin' wi' squaddies and bullin' my boots I'm countin' the medals I've won.

These hospital wards are such drab lookin' joints But the ceiling's as much as I see It could do with a wee touch of paper or paint But then again, maybe that's me. Chorus: Oh, Sergeant, is this the adventure you meant When I put my name down on the line All yer talk of computers and sunshine and skis Oh, I'm askin' you, sergeant, where's mine. I've a brother in Glasgow wi' long, curly hair When I joined up he said I was daft He said shootin' strangers just wisnae his game That brother of mine is nae saft.

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Death threw his cloak across him where he passed out in his chair, And whispered in a frosty tone directly in his ear, "Best you learn to live again, forgive yerself yer past, For when you see me next Tam, it'll be your last. I smell trouble, we're runnin' outta time, Its the eyeball at the keyhole, its the echo down the line, Oh trouble, its gonna be here soon, Upsettin' all the simple folk, theyre shootin' at the moon.

Nobby was a shit-for-brains, Tho everybody loved him to his boots for all his pains, Dirty racist pig was no friend o' mine, I'm glad I won't be drinkin' there again, Barred for Life! Turn for home, will ye go lassie go? Time is near upon us, I long to see the day, When all is put to balance and the evil cast away, Do you hear me trying to reach you with every breath I take? I call you down from the mountain top, will ya cometo break me, Come to take me.. Whale, oil, beef, hooked!

I swear upon the holy book, The only 'craic' you'll get is a slap in the ear, Whale, oil, beef, hooked! The quick one in the filthy bog, The partin' glass across the lug, O' the lady-O, the dirty dog, We got us an Irish pub, It's over to me and over to you, We'll skip along the Avenue, And who t'hell is Ronnie Drew? We got us an Irish pub. On shuddering jams up the hydro dams or underneath the Thames in a hole.

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If I buy you a drink will you leave me alone? After three attempts she managed to get into the shed, pulling him out in his pyjamas. It was only later in Regional One Health, Memphis, she realised her hands were completely torched and looked like "plastic gloves".

enter Read more: Girl suffers horrific burns after setting herself on fire. To Leah's relief, he gasped, getting his breath back, and she scooped him in her arms and took him inside. So, when I stared at my hands melting in the water, I was stunned. Put in a medically induced coma for two months and unable to talk for six months, he stayed in hospital for a year in total.

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She left hospital after a day, returning in Christmas for an operation where surgeons took skin from her hips and bottom and grafted it on to her back and hands. Since the blaze John, who still lives in Millington, has had 87 operations — mostly skin grafting, scar release surgery and reconstructive procedures. In his teens he was bullied and called "Freddie Krueger," "freak," "ugly," or "monster".

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When John was low, I'd tell him how much I loved him and needed him. I wanted to convince him how much he was worth.

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Things changed for John when he the pair started going to an annual camp, held by the Burned Children Recovery Foundation in Washington State eight years ago. He'd sat on my chest the whole time and didn't leave me. Read more: Mum suffers burns caused by fabric softener. By Danya Bazaraa News Reporter. John Quinn - recovering in hosptial Image: PA Real Life Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters.

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