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Kristina Wright, the editor, is also an author and steampunk fan. Welles and Jules Verne as a reference, with a retro-technological bent. Wright invited 14 fascinating women to write short stories centered on female characters who enjoy explorations, Victorian costumes, and romance. The protagonists range from human to automaton, and are as unique as their creators. Because these are short stories, the authors have made every word count and the details are vivid.

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Erotica fans are sure to find many arousing scenes in the collection. The erotica ranges from flirty to steamy. Adults are invited to visit steamlustanimation.

Erotic Steampunk Girls: E.T.

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Elizabeth Franklin Did you like this? Share it:. Yes, Juli.. Dryden lost everything in the late s when he sacrificed himself for the man he loved—his freedom, his lover, his humanity. Morgan has been looking for Dryden ever since he volunteered to take Morgan.. Catherine has graciously answered questions about her writing and books.

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What genre do you write and why? I write male-male romance, mostly paranormal. Of course. Why not? Doing research is always interesting, and writing is a blast. Released as part of the new Noted category, the plot encapsulates all the drama that one note can create. Well written, interesting characters and snappy dialogue.

What more can you ask for? September 20th - Editor's Choice - Well Endowed "This fabulous book has humor, a hot genie, and unexpected happenings wrapped up in the pages of this steamy read.

The Steamy Gay Erotica Bundle Vol. 2 (Three MM Gay Romance

It had me hooked from the outset and is highly recommended. She hopes for cash to save her restaurant but receives an old brass bottle that looks like a sex toy…and has Jez insid.. Buy Now"This story took me right into the hippie movement of s LA and was so atmospheric, I just kept reading! Great job. Hit with bully clubs and banned from listening to music, LA teenagers fought for acceptance, for love And for gay rights.

Being gay was taboo in Even the hipster burger join.. Please review our submission guidelines before submitting your story for review. Submissions can be sent to: extasybooks gmail.

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Congratulations Viola Grace on your th Book Published! A day of celebration turns to horror as six engineers turn to their clan robots for a chance at planetary survival. A small chance. A human colony preparing to celebrate three hundred years on its new world is suddenly faced with an enemy that hearkens back to their early days on Hera.

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The giant bots that saved the colony have been dormant for nearly two centuries. During a celebration that proves the engineers have kept them ready for battle, the party turns into a race to save live.. Step by Step Send To Kindle! Step by Step Instructions to send to your Kindle from your bookshelf. This will bring up a drop down menu. Click manage your content and devices.

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Click add a new email address7. Congratulations Viola Grace! After the Sector Guard Fill in the gaps and prepare for the next installments in a fusion of the 4 terran-in-space series. Welcome to the Citadel,We offer education, protection, healing,.. Best Seller Most Viewed.

Autumn Feast Family, friends and more spice than our shifters know what to do with in their Autumn Feast. The shifters move into the autumn season with anticipation of upcoming celebrations and thankful for their family and friends around t Sky was human once.

Any emotion will do—fear, shock, arousal. With A Gentle Nudge On the Road: Stopping to say hello to an old friend, a brawny human discovers a strange new world. Pierce Rinkon lives a simple life. Having been born with a learning disorder as well as a disability, he knew he was considered by most to be a little o Love At Stake The Love at Stake anthology brings you six captivating paranormal tales featuring vampires and their sacrifices, made in the name of love.

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It was your doing. Eons of dirt were embedded under the fingernail, and the princess cringed as the stomach-churning stink of earth, death and decay wafted over her, filling her nostrils with a pungent odor. She flung the hand away. You are not Lucia! And I paid the price. What else could I do? I cannot stare at this walking bag of bones.

This is not Lucia. I am so sorry. Bunching the nightgown in her hands, she sped out of the room. You are right. Forgive me. You made a bargain, and I shall make sure you keep it.