Preludes: Invocation

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Yes, but the degree of penetration into it varies.

The heavens are spread out before us in this vast placelessness and are directly perceived. Within it lies the key to the infinite treasure, the holiest temple of wisdom and abode of our Sun of Glory, manifesting the unfathomable Word of God, The Primal scripture, expertly revealed by the nineteenth Psalm:.

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One day speaks to another, night with night shares its knowledge, and this without speech or language or sound of any voice. Their music goes out through all the earth, their words reach to the end of the world. In them a tent is fixed for the sun, who comes out like a bridegroom from his weeding canopy, rejoicing like a strong man to run his race. His rising is at one end of the heavens, his circuit touches their farthest ends; and nothing is hidden from his heat.

New English Bible. To explore this vision, this contemplation, the utmost stillness of the mind and all its faculties is required. Too few of us today have even any idea of what such a requirement means.

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For the extreme difficulty of attaining the stage of introversion that is beyond and more fundamental than even the archetypal imaginal reality has not yet dawned on the horizon of our contemporary mentality. Only a sage — one who has achieved such a state and can abide in or re-enter it at will — can guide us. For even when we get a glimpse, our murky reflection of consciousness — infested as it is with the potentialities and trace of other experience — reasserts itself and distorts our understanding of what we in that moment produced.

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Invocation: A Prelude to The Noctuary

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