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There are a few rough edges in numpy. It is well supported in matplotlib, and in the two Python modules that I recommend for working with netCDF data. The most obvious advantage of using masked arrays is that they work with any type of data, not just floating point. A second advantage is that by always carrying along a Boolean mask array, they often simplify calculations.

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Regardless of the degree to which you end up using masked arrays in your own code, you will encounter them, so you need to know at least a few things about them. Suppose you are using a library that reads a file e. So, you don't know at the outset whether your function will be getting a masked array or an ndarray, you don't know whether it will be integer or floating point, and you want to do your work with NaN-filled ndarrays. Here is what you can do:.

We first used the astype float method call to generate a double precision array. This method is available to ndarrays and to masked arrays, so it would work even if x were an ndarray. Next, this floating point array is used as the first argument to the np. If its first argument is already an ndarray, np. The gunman then fired toward what Fox assumed were law enforcement mobilizing at the end of the building. Two of those bullets struck the wall just feet from Fox. It seemed like forever before I heard return gunfire.

As officers asked where the shooter went, the photographer repeatedly responded that the gunman had not passed him. As officers began to run across Jackson Street, Fox finally felt he could move -- and relax his worry that the gunman would find him. Fox followed three officers as they crossed Jackson into the parking lot.

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Then, crouching behind two cars, Fox realized they had someone on the ground. He took more pictures and video as the officers examined the man and pulled off his mask. All I could think was 'why? As law enforcement began to set up a perimeter around the crime scene, Fox and other witnesses were shepherded to the FBI command post a block from El Centro College.

Fox said he answered a dozen or so questions about what he saw and then was escorted back to his vehicle.

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  • Along the way, he managed to get a photo of a bomb squad robot alongside the gunman's car. I also felt a journalistic duty to do all that. Fox has worked as a photojournalist with The News for 29 years.

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    He has covered his share of harrowing weather-related events such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Until Monday, Fox said, he had never feared for his life while on assignment. But he had heard stories from colleagues about covering the July 7, , downtown Dallas ambush on police, about bullets whizzing by amid chaos. After he returned to the newsroom Monday, he edited his photos and videos and worked with editors and news art designers.

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    He told a colleague that he figured "if you stay in this business long enough, you're bound to get shot at. But he said he had "to put this on the shelf and process it later. Subscribe Customer Service. All content. Alaska News Earthquake.

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    Alaska Life We Alaskans. Alaska Marijuana News. Arts and Entertainment TV Listings. Opinions Editorials. These worlds can once again not strictly be seen in extremes of themselves. Sometimes an actor can do something from the backstage or internal world in frontstage or the external world. What do you or don't you film as a film maker?

    Masked Encounter

    Are you or aren't you part of the movie by making your position clear behind or in front of the camera? Background: On 5 december, p. The first tradition was a typical Bolivian parade called the Morenada starting from the beginning of calle 39 in upward direction. The second one was a typical tradition performed in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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    • Hong Kong police officer shoots masked protester point blank in shocking encounter.
    • This one was going downwards towards a private house of a Dutch woman hosting the Sinterklaas event. The crossing was especially particular - because despite the fact that their performance in contemporary days is 'normally' geographically very distant, they nevertheless had one similar ingredient: a blackfaced mask. With this video I want to on the first hand draw attention to the various ways of different cultures using black masks in traditional performances. And on the second hand draw attention to the importance of critical reflectiveness and awareness towards traditions that are often taken for granted by people.

      I believe it is important to question seemingly static - but in reality manmade - traditions and be open for creative re-interpreations.