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A series of chapters about the various habitat types and the associated fish and wildlife populations that dominate them follow. Several chapters expand on the natural history and specific management techniques of popular species of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, eastern wild turkey, and other species. Experts discuss such special management topics as supplemental, wildlife-food planting, farm pond management, backyard habitat, nuisance animal control, and invasive plant species control.

Leading professionals who work every day in Mississippi with landowners on wildlife and fisheries management created this indispensible book. The up-to-date and applicable management techniques discussed here can be employed by private landowners throughout the state. For those who do not own rural lands but have an interest in the wildlife and natural resources, this book also has much to offer. Residents of urban communities interested in creating a wildlife-friendly yard will delight in the backyard habitat chapter specifically written for them. Whether responsible for one-fourth of an acre or two thousand, landowners will find this handbook to be an incalculable aid on their journey to good stewardship of their Mississippi lands.

He is executive director of Wildlife Mississippi, a statewide conservation organization working with private landowners and community leaders on common sense natural resource conservation. The Long family and its followers pervaded Louisiana politics from the late s through the s. Being a Long—especially a son of Huey Long—preordained Russell for a political life.

In , Russell followed his father and his mother to a seat in the United States Senate. In due course, he rose to the politically eminent positions of majority whip and chair of the Senate Finance Committee. By the time of his retirement in early , he had witnessed the demise of one political paradigm—the New Deal liberal consensus—and the creation of one dominated by a new style of conservatism.

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Presiding over this period of sweeping change was Mayor Victor H. Schiro , an unassuming, moderate Democrat who sought the best for his city and adhered strictly to the rule of law in a region where laissez faire was standard practice and hardened defiance was a social norm. Schiro sought fairness for all and navigated a gauntlet of conflicting pressures.

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African Americans sought their civil rights, and whites resisted the new racial environment. Despite vigorous opposition and an unfriendly press, Schiro won election twice.

Under his direction, the city experienced numerous municipal reforms, the inclusion of African Americans in executive positions, and the broad extension of city services. The mayor, a businessman, recruited new corporations for his city, heralded the development of New Orleans East, and brought major professional sports to the Crescent City. He also initiated the plans for the construction of the Superdome. At the height of this activity, Hurricane Betsy devastated New Orleans. In response, Schiro coordinated with the federal government to initiate rescue and recovery at a rapid pace.

In the aftermath, he lobbied Congress for relief funds that set the precedent for National Federal flood insurance. He is also managing editor for Louisiana History. His articles have appeared in the Historian and Louisiana History, among others. It is also a rich portrait of an American region that has retained its vibrant French culture.

As the sweeping narrative of the clan unfolds, so does the story of their family-owned sugar business, the J. The fertile soil along the bayous and wetlands of south Louisiana bestowed on them an abundance of sugarcane above its surface, and salt, oil, and gas beneath. Finally, integral to the story are the complex dynamics and tensions inherent in this family-owned company, revealing both failures and victories in its history of more than years. The J.

Christopher Everette Cenac Sr. In extraordinary condition, these ledgers held an unprecedented set of the original livestock brands and marks of bustling bayou cattle country. Each registration entry furnished a record of the progression of settlement of the parish.

Livestock Brands and Marks: An Unexpected Bayou Country History is designed not only to share the actual registration treasures of all brands in the brand books themselves, but also to chronicle a short history of laws governing animal identification, to document advances in forms of ownership identification, and to familiarize the reader with both ancient and more recent livestock breeds that received brands and other marks recorded in those three ledger books.

Three hundred black-and-white and color illustrations illuminate this fascinating history. Louisiana, is a practicing orthopedic surgeon and served as Terrebonne Parish coroner. O rder onlin e at www. Martin, Jr. United States v. Lynd was the first trial that resulted in the conviction of a southern registrar for contempt of court.

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The case served as a model for other challenges to voter discrimination in the South and was an important influence in shaping the Voting Rights Act of Gordon A. Decades later, Martin returned to Mississippi to find these brave men and women he had never forgotten. He interviewed the still-living witnesseses, their children, and friends. Martin intertwines these current reflections with vivid commentary about the case itself. The result is an impassioned, cogent fusion of reportage, oral history, and memoir about a trial that fundamentally reshaped liberty and the South.

This iconic image strikes a chord for all who lived through those turbulent times of a changing America.

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It is not well known, for instance, that it was this event that sparked to life the civil rights movement in Jackson, Mississippi, in Sadly, this same sit-in and the protest events it inspired led to the assassination of Medgar Evers, who was leading the charge in Jackson for the NAACP.

Part multifaceted biography, part well-researched history, this gripping narrative explores the hearts and minds of those participating in this harrowing sit-in experience. Eagles Essays by Edward L. Doyle Lacy K. Ford Jr. James Z. Such wonderful sources allow a glimpse not only into his times, but perhaps more importantly an exploration of the man himself, his traits, personality, and ideas.

The result is a picture of an extremely commonplace individual on the surface but an exceptionally complicated man underneath. Cash and the profound effect of his classic dissection of southern history.


Perhaps more than any other historian, W. Cash revolutionized the interpretation of southern identity. In , when he published The Mind of the South, he exploded the correlated myths of the Cavalier South and the New South and gave historiography a new gauge for examining Dixie. Not all, however, have expressed unified opinions about him and his influence, though few can deny how in the past fifty years his indelible and authoritative work has shaped the writing of southern history.

In The Mind of the South: Fifty Years Later eleven scholars examine this classic study and assess its enduring importance. Bruce Clayton begins by discussing the biography of Cash and tracing his sources. In the subsequent five essays Cash is praised, evaluated, criticized, defended, classified, and acknowledged to be the lion in the crossroads of southern historiography.

In this first biography of the brothers, author David W. Johnson documents that Carter — and Ralph b were equally important contributors to the tradition of old-time country music. Together from to , the Stanley Brothers began their careers performing in the schoolhouses of southwestern Virginia and expanded their popularity to the concert halls of Europe.

In order to re-create this post—World War II journey through the changing landscape of American music, the author interviewed Ralph Stanley, the family of Carter Stanley, former members of the Clinch Mountain Boys, and dozens of musicians and friends who knew the Stanley Brothers as musicians and men. The late Mike Seeger allowed Johnson to use his invaluable interviews with the brothers. Lonesome Melodies begins and ends in the mountains of southwestern Virginia. Carter and Ralph were born there and had an early publicity photograph taken at the Cumberland Gap.

In December , pallbearers walked up Smith Ridge to bring Carter to his final resting place. In the intervening years, the brothers performed thousands of in-person and radio shows, recorded hundreds of songs and tunes for half a dozen record labels, and tried to keep pace with changing times while remaining true to the spirit of old-time country music. As a result of their accomplishments, they have become a standard of musical authenticity.

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He claimed to have played with Bolden and that together they had pioneered jazz. Johnson made many recordings talking about and playing the music of the Bolden era.

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Using oral histories, the Jazzmen interview notes, and unpublished archive material, this book confirms that Bunk Johnson did play with Bolden. New Orleans jazz was different from ragtime in a number of ways. It was a music that was collectively improvised, and it carried a new tonality—the tonality of the blues. How early jazz musicians improvised together and how the blues became a part of jazz has until now been a mystery.

This book describes in both historical and musical terms how the practices of quartet singing were converted to the instruments of a jazz band, and how this, in turn, produced collectively improvised, blues-inflected jazz, that unique sound of New Orleans.

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A trustee for the National Jazz Archive, he is active in promoting jazz scholarship and research, and his own work has appeared in American Music, Jazz Perspectives, and the Jazz Archivist. Author K. Heather Pinson discovers how such a steadfast script developed visually and what this convention meant for the music.