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I haven't gone to see a doctor or anything. I'm in shock but completely extatic.

I found a love for me

Hi, It is completely understandable that you are feeling so worried and anxious in this pregnancy after having had a late miscarriage. I pray and hope you make full term. Your experience was very similar to mine. For the first months it was so hard for me to try to get pregnant but I am now 36 weeks pregnant! I'm so nervous but excited for baby to arrive! I hope you are okay xx. What can I do!? Is keeping the child a bad idea with these awful medications in my system for the first weeks of development??? Am pregnant wit my 1st babies my last period date was oct10 when is my due date.

Hi Ann, You can use the calculator on this page to see when your estimated due date will be. Hi, I have just found out I am pregnant. With already being a busy working mum to a 3 and 1 yr old I cannot for the life of me remember when my last period was. Nothing to worry about. You are not alone! Just go and see your GP who will most likely refer you for a dating scan. Hi,,am pregnant and so disturbed I don't know how to tell my mom I conceived ,,and don't have anyone to confide in do you think an abortion is the best solution and if not please advise me because giving birth at the age of 20 will affect my education as well as my relationship with my parents.

They offer counselling services to help you come to a decision that you are happy with- as well as explaining the procedure to you so that you can make a fully informed decision. All the best Tommy's Midwife. I have just take pregnant test at home with salt and urine sample and it comes out positive,is it possible for me to be having sex with my husband,i just noticed that am pregnant this morning thanks. Hi, Sex in pregnancy is safe unless you have been advised otherwise by a midwife or doctor. Please be aware that testing for a pregnancy using a home urine and salt method is not a proven effective way of testing for pregnancy, therefore I would suggest to use a pregnancy test from a pharmacy or shop to be sure.

I am trying to conceve. I've had very light pink bleeding for the past 5 days, not enough to fill a pad or tampon, just as I wipe. Its not continuous either. My period was due to start 2 days ago and this bleeding is not getting heavier. I last had sex 16 days ago during my ovulation period. Could this be implantation? I'm too nervous to take a test. Hi Jaden, It is very likely that this could be an implantation bleed, however taking a a pregnancy test is the only way of knowing if you are pregnant.

If you are not already, then we would advise for you to be taking a folic acid supplement.

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Best wishes, Tommy's midwife. I have always been irregular when it comes to my menstrual cycle.

I think I have them at the most 3 times a year My last was April My husband and I are trying to convince I'm just wondering if it's even possible? Yes it can happen but you could consider seeing your GP to discuss your options.

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Hi, me and my boyfriend have been trying since last month for a baby and recently I feel different. I crave foods I hardly eat.

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I have all the signs of early pregnancy. What do I do? Hi Anastacia, There are several reasons why you may have a missed period yet the pregnancy test is negative. Mostly the situation will resolve in a few days when either you will get a positive test or your period will come. Firstly You could be pregnant, but the pregnancy hormones haven't built up enough yet.

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Secondly, You are not pregnant, but you have missed your period for an unrelated reason. And lastly, You could be pregnant, but something is wrong. I won't go into any detail here but if in a few days this hasn't resolved, please see your doctor. Best wishes. The most important thing for you to do is to stop smoking and arrange to see your GP as soon as possible. You will be referred to your local hospital who will arrange to see you to plan your care.

It is always best to keep babies with their mothers if at all possible and it is rare to need to remove a baby from its own family. Please be reassured that we are here to support you and not to judge you. Take good care of yourself. Hello Katie. You have several options here. If you don't want to talk to your parents you can confide in your school nurse or one of your teachers. You can also arrange to go and see your doctor. This can be in confidence without telling your parents.

You can discuss with them when you are ready to do so. If you want to call us anonymously we are here to support you on weekdays Monday to Friday pm. We can talk for as long as you like. Tommy's midwives. I have just found out that I am pregnant, I am terrified, I am a 19 year old.

My last period was on the on the 4th of august What could possibly be my due date? Hi Letty, According to your dates you will be due about 10th May If you are not already, then I would advise for you to be taking a folic acid supplement. Finding out you are pregnant can bring about a huge range of emotions and feelings.

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I'm pregnant. Now it's weeks since last ovulation. I wasn't taking any folic acid while trying to conceive. Can it affect pregnancy in a bad way? Thank you.