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The best part is I was able to trade it in for just about what I owed on it, which is typically unheard of. However, I struggled to sell it on the private market no one wants a base model with a manual transmission. If that was going to be the case, I would be once again without an EV. I was looking at used Chevrolet Volts , but I needed a Gen 2 model with five seats.

I was about to give up on my search, but a friend recommended that I check out Carvana.

How To Sell Your Soul To The Devil In 6 Steps

I submitted the information about my Soul and Carvana surprisingly offered me just about what I owed on it. I was certain this wasn't true and something was going to go awry, but still, I decided to check Carvana's Volt inventory.

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Rather than having three cars to choose from based on dealerships close to home , I had hundreds. What an incredible deal!

How to sell your soul to the Devil, or anyone else | Bill of Sale

The same car hauler took my Soul away. Within a matter of days, my Kia loan was paid off with no issue and I decided to officially stick with the Volt, though Carvana would have allowed me to test drive it for a week and then swap it out with another option free of charge. I will never buy a car at a traditional dealership again.

The Volt is by far the best car I've ever owned.

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I've only put a couple of hundred miles on it, but they've all been gas-free. I really can't imagine ever needing to put gas in it. In this mild weather, I'm getting nearly 5 miles per kWh and have exceeded 80 miles on a single charge.

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  • Due to a new "time of use" plan, my first 83 miles only cost me 23 cents. At this point, I'm still charging on a standard V outlet, but that will change before winter sets in. I love the Volt's eager acceleration, confident handling, and hatchback configuration. My three kids fit just fine in the back seat, though my oldest typically sits in the front passenger seat. She's 15 and just got her driving permit, so the Volt was sort of a gift to her as well.

    Thus far, she's done all of her driving without having to pump or burn gas.

    And, she didn't have to learn to drive a stick. We are already saving for our next EV. I always said that by the time my oldest daughter gets her license, we'll own two electric cars. We're halfway there now and have about a year to figure out what's next. Of course, she'd like her own Volt.

    How I sold my Soul for a better life...

    She's in love with the car. Perhaps I can give her mine and get a used Tesla Model 3 in the future? We'll see how that pans out.

    What Do I Drive? I'm afraid we've sold our soul to the devil by agreeing to this partnership.

    My plan finally became a reality.

    It will keep us in business, but at what cost to our clients? Don't sell your soul to get to the top, or else you'll find yourself all alone there. COMMON If someone sells their soul for something, they do whatever they need to in order to get that thing, doing things that they considered wrong before. As the Co-operative movement approaches its th anniversary, has it sold its soul to commercial pressures?

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    • Note: Sometimes people use the longer expression to sell your soul to the devil. His devoted fans thought he had sold his soul to the devil producing such commercial music. Note: There are many stories about people who sold their souls to the devil in return for wealth, success, or pleasure.