Hell on Wheels: A Loveswept Classic Romance

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Kathleen Brooks. Chaps and Chance. Diamonds and Dust. She admits that she nearly struck Dieter Schmidt when he refused to tell her the reason for delays in construction of the railroad. She also starts to wears trousers and a long coat, abandoning her cumbersome dresses for everyday work. Lily does not completely lose her compassion and shows concern after a prostitute Penny is killed in town, paying Thor Gundersen for a proper burial for the woman.

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Lily, while a refined and well-dressed lady, is also headstrong, clever, and brave. She kills her Cheyenne attacker, dresses her own wounds in the wilderness, and preserves Robert Bell 's maps. Lily is also known to be manipulative, intentionally and otherwise, especially with Thomas Durant. Their relationship was very strong up the very end, with Robert sacrificing his life to save Lily and Lily killing their attacker as he lay dying.

Durant seems to care more for Lily far more than she cares for him. While she enjoys the luxuries Durant provides her immediately following Robert's death, she balks at the idea of being a kept woman and moves out onto her own into Hell on Wheels. Durant accuses her of playing him "like a fiddle". Though their relationship becomes decidedly cooler, Lily still plays the part of "Fair-Haired Maiden of the West" for the benefit of Durant's investors, and by extension, Robert's dream.

Bohannon and Lily's relationship is very rocky, Bohannon even going as far as recalling later that he thought she was "just some spoiled, limey brat".

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  • She is impressed by Bohannon bravery when he rushes in to rescue workers from the black powder explosion but horrified when he beats Thor Gundersen. The two share several intimate moments, one while celebrating the completion of the first forty miles in the Starlight Saloon and the other after Bohannon tells her about his wife, Mary.

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