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Really touching but Scheer is more in the roles and the moments in which he has to prove anything. Scheer wears high-heeled shoes, a ravishing skin-tight black lace dress and peacock feathers on her head and is nothing more than an enigma figure. About the movie "Gundermann" Alexander Scheer said he told a complicated story that could not be explained in a few words, no matter how big. The actor Scheer is best when he does not want to explain himself and does not have to be explained. Source: spiegel. JDI executives who receive public support wear million yen T Flamenco biscuit T The economy does not need populism T Rapine T When having a baby becomes a painful uncertainty T These are the most dangerous countries in the world to travel in T Volcano in Kamchatka throws ash to a height of 6 km T Teller Report.

Famous and even more infamous as a performer It's a nice joke that Scheer receives the film award for his starring role in Andreas Dresens film "Gundermann". Once he's there, Alexander Scheer is reliably an event Alexander Scheer has made only a few really great films, including "Sonnenallee" and "Carlos - the Jackal" by Olivier Assayas.

Sports T BBL: Alba playfully double-digit lead, Bayern conquered the top of the table. In more recent years Edwards has been sporadically spotted in places around the world like some sort of cryptid.

He has allegedly been seen is such places as Goa, India, and on the islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, among others. It is unclear what any of these clues mean, if anything, and the disappearance of Richey Edwards remains an impenetrable mystery. We have looked at some odd disappearances in the worlds of movies and music, and now we come to the literary world, which has a few of its own, and one of the most famous of which I have covered before. Although Acosta wrote several novels of his own, he is perhaps most famous for being friends with the more successful author Hunter S.

By all accounts Fierro was a larger than life character indeed, with a prodigious appetite for drugs, booze, sex, fighting, and all manner of debauchery. Thompson would once say of Fierro in a article in Rolling Stone magazine:. Oscar was not into serious street-fighting, but he was hell on wheels in a bar brawl. Any combination of a lb Mexican and LSD is a potentially terminal menace for anything it can reach — but when the alleged Mexican is in fact a profoundly angry Chicano lawyer with no fear at all of anything that walks on less than three legs and a de facto suicidal conviction that he will die at the age of 33 — just like Jesus Christ — you have a serious piece of work on your hands.

Oscar Zeta Acosta right with Hunter S. It was immediately presumed that the volatile Acosta had gotten himself into trouble with the wrong people while in Mexico and was probably murdered and buried in a shallow grave somewhere out in the desert or that he overdosed on drugs, while others have speculated that he may have decided to leave his life behind and live in Mexico, and still others insist that he moved to Miami, where he has been sporadically sighted.

Hunter S. She was, and still is, considered a masterful writing genius, her novels beloved and influential within the literary world even now. This success was somewhat tainted by family problems, with her father, who she had been very close with, abandoning her and her mother to run off with another woman when she was just 14 years old. By all accounts Follett would never recover from this betrayal, and her writing dried up entirely. While she was held up as a rising star in her youth, by the time she was in her 20s her life was beginning to unravel a bit.

Her marriage to Nickerson Rogers was beginning to disintegrate and she found herself in a deep depression due to being convinced her husband was cheating on her.

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Her husband, Rogers, must have been pretty sure she would come crawling back, because it would be 2 full weeks before he finally contacted authorities to report her missing. Oddly, the whole case would not be seriously pursued until years later, and it was sort of be swept under the carpet, not being widely reported on in the media until , decades after the actual disappearance.

It is unclear why this should be, but no trace of this once great child prodigy author has ever been found. Here we have looked at but a few of the many actors, musicians, and writers who seem to have simply blinked out of existence, and added a certain shadow of mystery over their already intriguing lives.

President Trump ends up retweeting a fake account of actor Jon Voight but Twitter deletes it later

What happened to these people and where did they go? Was this foul play, suicide, or simply a desire to shuck off an old life for something new? There is no way to know, and these individuals have grown to become just about as famous for their sudden vanishings as they were for anything else. Paul Seaburn August 20, Brent Swancer June 20, Brent Swancer April 21, Joe Pichler. Sean Flynn. Connie Converse. Jim Sullivan. Disney searched far and wide for their stars, picking some lesser known actors and some big celebs to come together for what seems like a stellar cast.

Disney launched a worldwide search for the lead in Aladdin , and, although they reportedly looked at the likes of Dev Patel and Riz Ahmed, the part ended up going to relative newcomer Mena Massoud.

Paper Dreams: the lost art of Hollywood stills photography, Steidl, 2006

Massoud began acting in with a bit part in the CW spy series Nikita and later that year booked a role in the Canadian limited series Poser. Massoud continued to build up his credits in Canada, appearing in the medical drama Combat Hospital and the police drama King.

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His most notable pre- Aladdin role, however, was in the TeenNick mystery Open Heart , in which he played a worker at a local hospital. He later had a guest role on the medical drama Saving Hope and made appearances in the short films Masters in Crime and Final Exam.


The series is set to hit Amazon in August Like Massoud, Naomi Scott also had to compete with thousands of other actors to land the role of Princess Jasmine, but, luckily, the British starlet already had plenty of experience under her belt. Disney Channel series Life Bites , which she joined in its second season.


Scott then moved over to the U. Disney Channel to star in the original musical movie Lemonade Mouth. That same year, she landed a leading role on the Fox sci-fi series Terra Nova. Although the big budget series, which was executive produced by Steven Spielberg, was heavily promoted, it wound up being canceled after just one season.

She also appeared in the ITV drama Lewis. Scott's biggest role before Aladdin was in 's Power Rangers reboot, in which she played the Pink Ranger.

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