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Taking the femme fatale conceit to literal extremes, director Bob Rafelson, whose credits include Five Easy Pieces and the remake of The Postman Always Rings Twice , delivers a modern noir elevated by two ace lead performances. Debra Winger does Debra Winger as an FBI agent, Alex, who grows obsessed with the perpetrator of a series of unsolved marriages-then-murders.

The plain-Jane Fed plays frenemies with the glamorous chameleon while cinematography great Conrad L. Just as he does in all of his works, Tarantino fills the lives of his diverse menagerie of characters with his trademark blend of mundane pop-cultural dialogue and insane violence. In one exhilarating sequence, real-life stuntwoman Zoe Bell precariously hangs onto the hood of a speeding car in what is one of the greatest chase scenes in cinematic history.

Deranged does get gross, its final moments revealing that, like so many films of its ilk, this could only happen in a godless universe, a universe in which there is no reason or purpose to evil. Throughout it all, Blossom delivers a stomach-churning performance, his face a graveyard of shadows and terrible memories pushed to Jim-Carrey-like levels of elasticity, as inhuman as it is strictly corporeal.

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Maniac Year: Director: Franck Khalfoun. Maniac is a rather impressive reimagining of the exploitation horror film of the same name, an attempt to take some grindhouse material and redress it in a modern skin, equal parts shocking and thought-provoking.

Rather, the audience hears the running background noise of his madness as he mutters to himself and stalks his female victims. Cruising Year: Director: William Friedkin. Unpolished and self-congratulatory at times, one still has to admire its sheer chutzpah.

Unexpectedly cleaned house befuddles woman, and police just laugh

If any of these films were going to be remade as an episode of Black Mirror in , it would probably be this one. Tenebrae Year: Director: Dario Argento. If you wrote an ultra-violet horror book, and if your ultra-violent horror book inspired a workaday psycho to go on their own ultra-violent killing spree, would you be put off or would you take it as a compliment? We've pulled together some of our favorites and by favorites, we mean the ones that freaked us out most that should get you through the summer, at least. And if you rip through 'em all, no worries: We'll be adding more psychological suspense titles as time goes on.

If we know anything about these books, its that they attract voracious readers always in need of a new literary fix. In the forthcoming YA fantasy trilogy The Gilded Ones, women bleed gold, a metaphor intended to represent the commodification of women. No one writes about love quite like Andre Aciman. For the characters in his books, real life is only achieved through deep, shared human connection, like E. The front door showed no sign of having been forced—Mayer had been right about that—and the alarm was off, so Sherri would not have heard anyone entering stealthily.

She was confronted by the intruder upstairs.

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Two shots were fired at her there that missed, shattering the sliding glass door. The glass was bowed slightly outward, consistent with rounds traveling in that direction. Whoever had come looking for Sherri had come to kill her. Sherri had apparently run downstairs, trying to reach the panic button on the security panel.

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The killer pursued, and stopped her before she got there. They fought savagely. The blow was enough to daze Sherri, if not knock her to the floor. The killer then retrieved the gun and fired the first shot that hit Sherri. She began bleeding internally and would have had only minutes to live. She was down now for good. Using the blanket to muffle the sound, the killer then fired two more rounds into her chest, finishing the job. Once you looked at it that way, the evidence of burglary looked less convincing. The bloody smudge on the top of the CD player was telling. If the killer had panicked after shooting her, looking to flee, why go searching for things to steal, and then leave them stacked on the floor?

What it looked like to the Van Nuys detectives was not a robbery scene but an effort to make a murder scene look like an interrupted robbery.

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Verified Stephanie Lazarus, PO, was former girlfriend. Nuttall and Martinez went to see John. He still refused to believe it. The Van Nuys detectives next called Nels, who, after two decades of getting nowhere, was understandably annoyed. How many times did he have to tell them about Stephanie Lazarus? The detectives tried to imagine how a cop might go about planning to murder someone. Lazarus had been off work on the day of the murder. A cop would be careful. She would wait until the victim was alone. Then there was the murder weapon.

Martinez said he doubted that a cop would plan to commit murder with her duty gun. You would want to get rid of it afterward, and there is hell to pay in the department for losing a duty gun. The Van Nuys detectives knew that most cops have at least two weapons, a duty gun and a backup purchased privately and duly registered. Records showed that Lazarus had purchased a.

Martinez suspected that, after the murder, she would have gotten rid of it. If she became a suspect, the first thing her investigating colleagues would ask to see was both guns. It turned out that Lazarus had reported the gun stolen to the Santa Monica Police in March of , just weeks after the murder. All of this evidence had been available to detectives back in , if they had been looking at Lazarus.

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And by now the detectives were beginning to see a pattern in the evidence missing from the case file. It sure looked as if someone inside had been trying to protect her. If ever a man had reason to be angry at the L. There is a set procedure in-house for investigating a fellow police officer; you first report it up your chain of command.

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But the detectives did not want anyone in their Van Nuys office to know about it yet; information tends to travel fast in-house. So, as soon as they considered Lazarus a possible suspect, they called Bub, who directed them to treat the investigation for the time being as confidential.

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When their suspicions gelled, four months later, in May of , Bub went to their detective commanding officer, Lieutenant Steven Harer, and area commanding officer, Captain William Eaton. It was time to get a DNA sample from Lazarus. They decided to do it surreptitiously, in order to avoid tainting her with suspicion if the lab test cleared her. A special-operations team staked out Lazarus and her adopted daughter on a trip to Costco, and after they had snacked at a table outside the store, the team retrieved a cup and straw Lazarus had used.

The decision to take Lazarus downstairs in the Parker Building for questioning before arresting her was made for two reasons. Officers have to check their weapons before entering the downstairs jail; the detectives wanted to avoid some kind of armed standoff if she flew off the handle. They also wanted to gather further insight into what had happened before letting her know what they knew. Lazarus was still smiling and chatting jovially with the detectives an hour into the interrogation.

If she was annoyed, she was doing a good job of not showing it. Again, if someone says I was at her house and I had an incident with her?