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Quantities in Metaphysics. Direct download 2 more. Solche Vorstellungen sind, da sie produziert werden, nicht einfach, sondern aus mehreren, miteinander in Beziehung gesetzten Elementen zusammengesetzt. Ontology in Metaphysics. At first, I explain how Bergmann reads Meinong.

As regards the content, Bergmann interprets Meinong as a reist I try to show that such a view is not correct. The thought of Alexius Meinong — has a distinguished position within the conceptual space of ontology.

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He was the first philosopher who tried systematically to develop a quasi-ontological discipline which was intended to be much more general than the metaphysics in the traditional sense. Metaphysics investigates being qua being; and this constitutes only a small part of the domain of the theory of objects Gegenstandstheorie as Meinong conceived of it.

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Intentionality in Philosophy of Mind. Meinong has not written a specific work on the ought, he deals with it as a part of his value theory. The ought is an ideal object of higher order; it concerns neither factuality nor non-factuality, but subfactuality, that is In "Die Natur des Sollens", Veber proposes a structured theory of ought, which is grounded on Meinongian concepts. The ought is the object of a volition, it is a genuine object, even though ideal.

I conclude by portraying the differences between Veber's and Meinong's conceptions of the ought. These are ideal objects of higher order, which have, even though not primarily, the capacity to attract Hence, they are connected to emotions, being what is presented by them. These results are achieved on the basis of a fundamental analogy between the domain of value and the aesthetic domain. Finally, the notion of an absolute beauty is discussed. Beauty in Aesthetics. Emotions in Philosophy of Mind.

Value Theory, Miscellaneous. Varieties of Emotion in Philosophy of Mind. A brief introduction to Meinong, his theory of objects, and modern interpretations of it. Logic and Philosophy of Logic. Philosophy of Mind, Misc in Philosophy of Mind. Alexius Meinong developed a notion of defective objects in order to account for various logical and psychological paradoxes. The notion is of historical interest, since it presages recent work on the logical paradoxes by Herzberger and Kripke. But it fails to do the job it was designed for. However, a technique implicit in Meinong's investigation is more successful and can be adapted to resolve a similar paradox discovered by Romane Clark in a revised version of Meinong's Theory of Objects due One family of paradoxes remains, but it is argued that they are unavoidable and relatively harmless.

Abstract Objects, Misc in Metaphysics. This paper analyzes and compares the attempts at solving the paradox of non-existence put forward by Alexius Meinong and Edmund Husserl. More precisely, to Husserl, existential judgments have to be interpreted as a kind of cross-sphere judgments, and thus existence fulfills a function loosely analogous to that of modal operators in possible-worlds semantics.

History of Western Philosophy, Misc. Husserl: Intentionality, Misc in Continental Philosophy. Husserl: Metaphysics in Continental Philosophy.

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Husserl: Philosophy of Logic in Continental Philosophy. Alexius Meinong's specific use of the term "self-presentation" had a significant influence on modern epistemology and philosophical psychology. To show that there are remarkable parallels between Meinong's account of the self-presentation of experiences and Lehrer's account of the exemplarization of experiences is one of this paper's main objectives.

Another objective is to put forward some comments and critical remarks to Lehrer's approach. One of the main problems can be expressed by the following: The process of using a particular experience as As concrete experiences are multifarious red and round, for example , how can we single out a specific sort of experiences the red ones by the process of exemplarization when we use such a multifarious experience as a sample?

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Around Meinong formulated his most famous idea: There are no empty non-referential singular terms. Each singular term refers to an object. Russell also did not accept non-referential singular terms. In short, Meinong expands his universe, while Russell narrows the category of However, if we take a more careful look at both theories, we find many unexpected similarities.

Yet exactly the same holds for Meinong. All reference to the common-sense individuals has to be mediated by Russellian descriptions. Thus, if Meinong were right, there could be no definite descriptions. If we narrow the domain of reference to existent objects, we can get a definite description in a simple Russellian way. We have only to specify a collection of predicates that is contingently satisfied by only one existing object. But if we operate in the domain of all possible objects, we have to specify all absolute and relative properties that are had by the object in question.

Moreover, I show that a form of the The argument is surprisingly akin to what Quine proposed for his realism with regard to the existence of mathematical entities. I believe that in this way the debate between Meinongian and Quinean can be directed to more compromising and fruitful grounds. Besides presenting a phenomenological-experimental analysis of consciousness, Meinong challenged one of the major indisputable axioms of current scientific research, i.

Perception in Philosophy of Mind. Direct download 6 more. There are several attempts to build a theory of art starting from analytical philosophy, the best of which is probably the one provided by Nelson Goodman. Pavel's work is the first attempt to write a theory of literature from the premisses of analytical philosophy.

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Pavel, whose earlier work was influenced among others by Eco, Greimas, Hrushovsky and Brooke-Rose, begins with an analysis of recent philosophical positions regarding fiction and distinguishes on one side the hard-line "segregationist" position of Bertrand Russell which Strawson and G.

On the other side he finds the more tolerant and "integrationist" theories, derived from the views of Alexis von Meinong, according to which every kind of object is "equally endowed with being, although not necessarily with existence". Pavel clearly inclines towards broadly Meinongian theories but he would like to qualify them in a number of ways.

First he finds it useful to speak, like premodern cosmologists, of "degrees of being". Furthermore he outlines a "speech-act theory of fiction" in which the measure of a genuine statement would be the epistemological adherence to the linguistic practice of a community or the correspondence to a "coordinate system" as Quine would say.

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Inhalt: 1. Guter Zustand. Kant's Smmtliche Werke Volume 5.

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